Lukas Stracke

About Me

I'm a software engineer who loves to work with modern web technologies. I enjoy creating tools for developers and I've specialized in SDK development, observability and testing. I'm currently working at where I maintain Sentry's 15 JavaScript SDKs together with my amazing team. Previously, I studied computer science at Graz University of Technology while working as a web developer on JavaEE and Angular projects.

Aside from Software, you'll find me making music, flight simming and enjoying life in the beautiful city of Vienna. By the way, I'm a dog person!

Work Experience

Software Engineer Since Feb 2022 Vienna, AT
  • Working on Sentry's JS SDKs - We support more than 15 frontend and backend JS frameworks.
  • Actively engaging with the open source community on GitHub, triaging incoming issues and requests.
  • I own Sentry's Angular and Svelte SDKs, specializing in the respective frameworks.
  • I drive and contribute to multiple projects, such as our bundler plugins and SDK setup wizards.

Prime Software

Frontend Developer Jul 2020 - Dec 2021 Graz, AT
  • Created and maintained multiple Angular SPAs with heavy emphasis on usability and PWA standards.
  • Planned and architected a new SPA with focus on extensibility, code splitting and performance.
  • Introduced various best practises in Angular development, SEO and and deployment.

Management Partners

Fullstack Developer Oct 2016 - Feb 2020 Graz, AT
  • Maintained and extended a JavaEE application with a focus on usability and performance.
  • Improvements of Development Process, especially regarding Security, DevOps & CI/CD, Software Maintenance and Code Quality
  • Mentored and trained developers in JavaServerFaces and MS SQL Server.

TU Graz

Research Assistant Mar 2019 - Jul 2019 Graz, AT
  • Research and Development in the field of Software Maintenance
  • Implementation of a Prototype for Code Similarity Detection using Subgraph-Isomorphism Testing of Program Dependence Graphs
  • During the Project, I wrote my Bachelor's Thesis (passed with distinction)


TU Graz

Computer Science (Msc) Mar 2020 - Jan 2022 Graz, AT
  • Master's degree with focus on software rechnology (major) and multimedia systems (minor)
  • Courses around: Compiler Construction, SW Architecture, Code Analysis, Testing
  • Master's thesis: Test Suite Reduction with Checked Coverage
  • Passed with distinction (1.0), published a conference paper based on my thesis.

TU Graz

Computer Science (Bsc) Oct 2016 - Feb 2020 Graz, AT
  • Bachelor's degree with focus on broad and intensive education in computer science.
  • Courses around: Algorithms, Software Engineering, Web, IT Security, AI & Data Science, Computer Graphics, Operating System Development
  • Bachelor's thesis Code Similarity Detection using Program Dependence Graphs

BG G.I.B.S. Graz

Secondary/High School
  • International school with classes taught in English

Academic Publications

Blog Posts

Sentry for SvelteKit

I drove the development of Sentry's new SvelteKit SDK. This blog post announces its general availability and shares some details around the inner workings of the SDK.



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