Sentry JS SDKs

Sentry is an error and performance monitoring service that puts developers first. Sentry tries to gather everything developers need to know about why their application crashed or is slow.

Sentry's SDKs are the gateway to this service. Everyone who wants to use Sentry needs to add an SDK to their application. I maintain Sentry's JavaScript SDKs which are 15 SDKs supporting all popular frontend and backend frameworks based on JavaScript.


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Henri is an app for professional and volunteering EMTs and paramedics to track shifts and calls. By keeping track of shifts and calls, Henri users receive statistics about their work, allowing insights into the nature of their work or hobby.

Henri was intially started by Markus Deutsch who builds and maintains the Android app. I joined the project to build a platform-independent progressive web app. It is based on Angular and relies on various Firebase (BaaS) services.

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JSR, short for Java Test Suite Reduction Framework is a tool for reducing the size of test suits in Java projects. This tool can be used to identify and eliminate redundant or obsolete test cases in a test suite.

I created JSR while working over the course of my Master's thesis in which I explored test suite reduction based on various coverage metrics and reduction algorithms. As part of my thesis, I released JSR as an open source project and multiple TU Graz students extened it with new features and algorithms as part of their theses.


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I created CiteWorks for a university course about interactive data visualization of digital libraries. This app visualizes citation and co-authorship networks amongst academic publications.

CiteWorks can be used to analyze publication habits of academic authors and to identify patterns of collaboration between authors and research groups. The app is based on Angular and uses eCharts to visualize the network. While working on this app, I used WebGL to accelerate the creation of large graphs.

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